“Kichiyo” guest house were outdoor activities fan gathers.

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Ocean and mountain, all nature is in your hands in Izu Oshima. Pole spearfishing, fishing, snorkeling and hiking, it is not only about the variety but people gather here at Kichiyo for the same purpose. Because this is the simplest and the best way to find new friends you can share the same passion.

Guest house for nature experts gather
This old big guest house is only 1 minute from the Okada airport. Open big sunny space on the 1st floor and 5 tatami rooms with a Japanese style toilet on the 2nd floor in this convenient location.
Kichiyo did its best to keep this old school style when others were shifting into western style.
Why everybody here loves outdoor activities, just simply because the owner Nobu-san himself is a fisher, pole spear fisher, diver etc., does practically any activity. As you might imagined he started his guest house because he wanted to create his own base camp and friends. As he wished some of his friends come almost every week-end for fishing and pole spearfishing.

From beginners to experts, the common key word here is “FUN”
As pole spearfishing and fishing became the major activity for our guest, we can say that the black stream also brought mankind to Izu Oshima especially to Kichiyo.
Have you ever caught a fish? One big reason for the guest to come to Kichiyo is to feel this happiest moment to eat those fresh fishes they caught.
Beginners of fishing are all welcomed. Don’t worry about anything, they will rent you rods and have beginners program in summer. For challengers they will teach how to cook a fresh fish for free. Excitement discovery and are endless here.

Barbeque and party time watching the horizon on the rooftop
What more would you need than watching this horizon and having a barbeque party, or laying on a mat to watch the stars at night. Most of the shops close early in the island, but this is certainly why people are attracted because your still have a very long and a rich day, than being inside the urban cycle.
You can cook for yourself or order optional local menus for breakfast and dinner depending on your plan. Barbeque on the rooftop is a wonderful experience but we also recommend Nobu-san’s cooking as he was formerly an owner chef in Tokyo, there is no drought about his cuisine.

New meet up, smiles and coming back
Nobu-san, his wife and his kid are waiting at Kichiyo.
Instead of saying “welcome” and “thank you” they say “welcome back” and ”take care”, magic words that make people coming back.
Today as any other day, Kichiyo will receive new guests and repeaters who will easily get along. This relaxing feeling, just like you’re back to your hometown in the country side. Meet new and old mates, have fun and make smiles in this camp surrounded with nature, this whole atmosphere is what makes your Kichiyo.

Rules about spearfishing
-Do not take sea product restricted under the fishing right such as shrimps, shellfish, sea weeds etc.
-Spear guns are prohibited.
-Do not enter the marine preserved area.
-Do not disturb fisher boat.
-Do not disturb sailing ships.
-Do not disturb other marine users (divers, fishers etc.)
-Use marine float while diving for safety reasons.
-Be aware of any marine trouble before sailing.
-Fish only what you and your friends will be eating for the environmental protection.

Note: the fisheries regulation and other fisheries adjustment of Tokyo permits fishing using harpoons but there are restricted area in Izu Oshima. Do not enter the marine preserved area. Be prudent not to not disturb fisher boats even when you are out of the preserved area. Do not enter places where fisherman and divers are.

Pleas respect the rules, keep your heart open to cede, to be able to enjoy free form stress and trouble.
※for rental equipment please ask what is free and what costs.


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